Personal Website for Branding

So the first reason you might want a website is to simply have a personal page where you can share all your social media links in one place. So in this case hosting, or has a website builder who does pretty good for basic static websites, or you could always use WordPress if you want, we’ll get to that later, but here you can see, after I pick the template, I want, I’m just going to edit a bit of the text, change, the social media icons, to the ones I want and just kind of move them around in general, get the design, how I want looking.

And then, like I said, this would be a really basic case where it’s just a hub for all your links, nothing too fancy, and you can change it. So there are no pictures if you don’t want, or you can have the pictures in there and just change them around. However, and this website builder in particular has a thing called auto layout, which is supposed to auto adjust the layout you make, depending on whether you’re being viewed on a desktop or mobile, but you might want to just disable that and do it yourself. Sometimes that way you can pick exactly how you want it to look on mobile instead of relying on the automatic mode. So that’s just why I like to prefer now.

Portfolio Website

The next reason you might be able to use a website is if you just want a web resume or like a general about me type site.So this might be good. For example, if someone does a search for you on Google, then there’s a good chance that your site will be one of the top results. Especially if the domain name is just your full name. So if you go to do this, you could have this just as a separate page in your site that you already created with a social media one, or just have the about page, be your main page. But in this case, I’ll just create a new page as an example. And I just copied everything over. So we’ll kind of have to clear that out a bit. And when I go to add some text, there’s a few different blocks they’re called, which I’ll bring in. And this one seems about right, it’s overlaid over some of the previous stuff. So I’ll just rearrange all that. And you can change around all the pictures and stuff.

Obviously, maybe don’t want to keep it as default, maybe do. And I may as well upload a profile picture to put on the side and then make sure that it gets resized correctly. So it’s not stretching. I’m not going to write a whole novel here, but you can probably imagine what you might want to put here. Like if you want to list all your achievements skills, your work history, education, stuff like that might be good for a resume type thing. And again, this is going to be a really basic example. You could probably make it look a lot more fancy if you want it to, by adding a few more pictures, you could also use a different block layout. So maybe you could add one with some rows and images. If you want specific picture for each job description, that would look pretty cool. So you can really get it however you want.

Photo Website

Now, a third use for a website might be, if you want to host your photos, you take somewhere besides just on Instagram or Facebook. So you could use the website builder for this too. Or if you play and update it frequently, and with new pictures, it might make more sense to use WordPress, which is like a framework for blogs. It’s the most popular one out there hosting her does actually offer an auto installer for WordPress. You can just set it up automatically. Yeah, you have to do it yourself. And then it’s just a matter of choosing a theme. First there’s countless free ones. So I just searched photo folio and found a decent one called Hitchcock. And then I can customize it a bit like changing the background and removing any extra stuff like the footer. I don’t need all that stuff. Now with WordPress, there’s a few different ways to do things depending on the theme.

So there are things called pages and posts, but for this theme of particular, what we’ll do I’ll do is customize it. So the homepage just displays latest posts and then you can create a new post for each picture. You’ll see what I’m talking about. So for example, if we go and create a new post and then add an image block and then upload a picture, which I already did and I selected here, and then you can caption it however you want, if people click on it. And then also in this particular theme, you have to make sure it’s set as a featured image as well. So it will show up on the main page page as you’ll see. And then you can add as many posts with pictures as you want, or add multiple pictures to a post. And then whichever one you said is the, the featured image is the one that will show up on the main page.So that’s just one example with one theme and you can obviously do more like adding text and stories to each post and whatnot.

Host Website

So next up another really useful reason to have a website. It is if you want to host your own files on there, of course there are other options, like if you want to use Google drive or Dropbox for sharing files, but they come in handy to upload certain files on your own site in a few situations, because there’ll be accessible from anywhere. For example, maybe there’s some file you use regularly, but you aren’t always in a place where you can want to, or can’t log into your Google drive account or whatever, like a public pewter you don’t trust maybe, or your friend’s house. If you store that file on a website, as long as you remember the URL of the file, you can access it from anywhere.

Just hand it out. Now, obviously it probably isn’t wise to upload anything confidential because technically it would be publicly available to anyone who can get the URL, right. But if it’s something innocuous, that’s fine. Anyway, all web hosts will have some way to upload files to your site. And usually a user interface in the form of a file manager like here. And then you can see all the files in your directory of your website. And since my WordPress installation is in there, there’s a lot of files already. So I’ll just create a new folder, call it my stuff. And then here you can upload whatever you want. And then you can also create a new file, like a text file. And then you can see that if you go to the same URL as the directory structure, there’s the file. So in this case, the website slash my stuff, slash example dot text, and then it comes up.

Another way this might be useful is if you have to share a certain file with a lot of people, you can just give everyone the URL, the file, which is probably going to be a lot shorter and easier to remember, then a lot of file sharing services, which generate a big, unique, long string with the URL, which is okay if you’re just sending the link in an email or something, but it might be difficult if you have to actually like speak it out and try to remember anyway, I’m sure you can imagine how this might come in handy. All right.

Custom Website Email

Now, finally, another really great reason to have your own domain and website is so you can set up your own custom email address on that domain. This may or not be a separate add on with your host. And there are a ton of different ways to do it with hosting, or for example, they have a pretty easy setup and it just integrates with a service called flock mail, but you can just choose any email address you want on your domain, and then just start using it.

If you’re a bit more tech savvy, you can even set up G suite, which is a Google service, which basically lets you use the Gmail interface with your own domain email address, which is what I do personally, but that does require editing DNS MX records. And I’m definitely not going to get into that today. So if you don’t know what all that is, don’t worry about that. There are really easy ways to do it just through your host. Now you might be wondering why you would care to have an email address of your own. And that’s a good question. First of all, it’s pretty cool. Obviously, when you give people your email address and the domain is your actual name or something instead of just being Gmail or your ISP domain, it just seems a little bit more professional. I think another big reason is you’ll always have complete control over that email address because you own the domain name.

Like if you use an email address through your ISP and you move and change RSPs, what are you going to do? They might let you keep it, but I’m not sure. And it will depend on that ISP or even if for whatever reason, maybe your Google account gets banned taking your Gmail account along with it. Then you’d kind of be screwed if you own your own domain though. You own every email address on that. So even if you were using G suite to host your emails and you’ve got your Google account banned, you could just redirect the domains, DNS mail records to a different service and keep using the same email address over there. It just lets you have complete control over your email address. So maybe by now, if you never saw the point of having a website of her own, well, maybe you’ve changed your mind or at least see how it might be something worth looking into in the future.

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